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Tuesday, 1 January, 201312:37 AM

Happy new years!

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Pedro Henrique u2 !

Flygoniq Dunkmaster Jiang Another year of epicness plz

Itsuka Kotori IsLove Happy new year to you too protato Hope your vids get exciting!@

Стеван Станковић thank you u2

Jack McFarlane It's already 5:38am where I am but whatever, happy new year!

Hung Pham yayy

Tilman Berres you too, bros! has been new year for almost 7 hours here

Maxime Malenfant Salut.

Nic Smith A message from the future

Trace Halvorsen I love your video's, keep it up man those Penta's are sick

Alejandro Doge Thank You !!! Keep doing videos!

Ryan Jack wagwan

Alejandro Morán Happy new year protoman! I really hope this year you can finally upload one of my videos.

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