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WINNERS of the TOP 5

1.Im Avi
4.Sis Karmelitanka
5.Matt Camps


Friday, 4 January, 201311:25 PM

Our League of Legends Top 5 Plays Week 113 is now up and live! Enjoy everyone! Here's the link :


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Andrew McCallion awesome!

Przemek Purtak what are you doing at this time :D

Protatomonster Enjoy :D

Andrew McCallion that fizz triple.....nom

Alejandro Doge :D

Jayme Dannu Pinheiro Rabelo dat heimer !

Cameron Forbus fizz and heimer in one top 5!!?!?!? YES!!!!

Sungwan Bae some crazy stuff

Kris Scheibe wtf nothing special or really good? and fizz should be a bonusclip..that isnt skill? irelia normal play and heimer wow..he used Sonyas..wtf

Ayham Bashouri Who are the champs in the clips? And in what order?

Azri Hasshim Do add me people! i'm still new :D -> Gedo

Balázs Miklósi graves (Y)

Rodrigo Hermosilla Correa graves reconnect LOL

Rüştü Özkök Hahaha dat dc

Elsie Soleymani Love it!

Marko Djuric LOL

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