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WINNERS of the TOP 5

1.Im Avi
4.Sis Karmelitanka
5.Matt Camps


Saturday, 29 December, 20127:41 PM

Here's the link to our newest League of Legends Top 5 Plays (Week 112)! Enjoy everyone :


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Jonathan Flahaut Siffonounay OP

Alejandro Doge :D

Βασιλης Παπ. u are the best

Adrian I. Kvamme i løøøve you

Ante Tustonjić where's mine nida escape :( cmon guys u sent me to round 2 and then u saw my video week ago and no response at all

Nemanja Raicevic ante possalji mi :p

Bry Taduran @Ante maybe because your play is not as good as you think

Melih Ali Altunay where week 111?:(

Melih Ali Altunay where's*

Ђура Молнар search it maybe? xD

Naweed Usman keep up that good work

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