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WINNERS of the TOP 5

2.Akuma Tatsuo
5.Christian Marian


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Tuesday, 22 July, 2014 >> 3:26 PM

Hey everyone! Another quick update since the last one on the weekend. We ran into 1 more bug with Lolreplay where every play we opened had no sound... and obviously we don't want an episode with no in game sound. It takes away a lot more than you'd expect and after putting the plays into premiere and watching it with no sound, I decided to reach out to Matt (the owner of Lolreplay) for help. Very happy to say that today he's helped me fix this final bug and now that I've gone back and re-recorded the plays I wanted to use, I'm excited to say that the next episode is only a couple of days away and here's the order of the champs (no names will be said!).

1- Vayne
2- Leblanc
3- Amumu
4- Ezreal
5- Aatrox
Bonus- Graves

Thanks again for your patience and don't forget to tune in for Week 182 when it goes up to see which 5 people won the first round of RP cards!

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Tuesday, 22 July, 2014 >> 12:20 PM

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Tuesday, 22 July, 2014 >> 11:59 AM


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Monday, 21 July, 2014 >> 10:41 PM

Hey guys streaming a bit @ http://www.twitch.tv/protatomonster!

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Saturday, 19 July, 2014 >> 2:35 PM

Small update for everyone!

Had a few hiccups in recording plays throughout this week with Lolreplay bugs, but we've finally got most of it fixed and can now record about 90% of submissions... so we're putting together the plays today. That means we should hopefully expect to see the next episode within the next few days. Thanks for your patience! All the new patches (especially so close to each other) really mess up Lolreplay and it takes a bit of fixing/asking around to find out how to repair replays on the current patch.

Besides that, we're working on some potential new sponsorship deals that should surface soon so we can provide you guys with more awesome things! As said last week, Week 182 (the next episode) will have a $50 RP card giveaway and will also announce the winners of the $50 in RP from Week 181, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend <3

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