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Meet the Crew

Brandon Wilks

Brandon Wilks is the Co-Owner of Protatomonster. He and Parv came up with the entire concept. He does many things for Protatomonster, from managing to video editing.

Brandon lives in the United States and works a lot. Protatomonster is his hobby, and he spends 7+ hours a day working for Protatomonster. Brandon is currently spending most of his time on Protatomonster as well as many other gaming related ideas.

You can find him in-game as Gnome Hands. His favorite characters are Shyvana, Poppy, and Akali.

Parviz (Parv) Soleymani

Parviz Soleymani is the other Co-Owner of Protatomonster. He and Brandon came up with the concept. He is well known for being our Lead Commentator, but he also does a lot of behind the scenes work too!

Parviz lives in the United States, and is currently a senior in high school. He is currently spending most of his time on school and Protatomonster. His hobbies are playing video games, browsing YouTube and working for Protatomonster.

You can find him in-game as PROTATOMONSTER. His favorite character is Twitch.

Aleksandar Kostic

Aleksandar Kostic is the Graphic Designer for Protatomonster. He makes the graphics needed for Protatomonster. He also Photoshops Parv and Brandon free of charge :)

He lives in Serbia where he spends most of his time working on many artistic things. He has graduated from interior design school, but his true passion lies in video game conceptual art and design.

Besides working with Protatomonster, Aleksandar is a singer in a sludge groove metal band. He also spends his time as a dungeon master, where he likes slaying parties for his own sinister amusement.

You can find him in-game as Bronhitis on Eastern Europe server. His favorite champions are Cho'Gath, Sion and Alistar.